Die Cutting

Die cutting is the process in which a cutting die is placed on the bed of a press and a sheet of printed material is the feed into the press and is cut into the desired shape. We can automatically cut sheets on our automatic presses up to 22x29 inches and larger sheets up to 26x40 on our hand fed presses. Call us or send us a file and well work with you for the best possible layout for your project in order to have a smooth and efficient result that will wow you or your customer.

Laser Cutting

Our specialities of laser cutting we have just added a 14”x16” laser to our team of machinery and we are excited to announce that we can cut or engrave any non-plastic material up to 1/4” thick. Perfect for specialty coasters, acrylic signs, tumblers, glassware, and intricate cutting jobs. The possibilities are endless with laser cutting, so let us know if you have a project in mind- we can help guide you in the right direction!

Letterpress Printing

One of the first types of printing to be mass produced was letterpress printing It is a unique approach to any project you may have in mind. When off set and digital printing became the new normal, letterpress printing seemed to have gone by the wayside until recently. With a great vintage look and debossed feel letterpress printing has made a huge come back. Perfect for business cards, invites of any type, and greeting cards, letterpress printing brings that toothy feel of cotton stocks and salty looks of ink images. We can accommodate any color of ink to help get your image to pop! Turnaround time is dependent on the amount of colors in your project. Each different color needs a sperate pass through the machine so if you had a seven color print for example but you only needed 100 prints that would still be run through the press 700 times changing and washing the ink colors each time as well. We use a special photopolymer die and have a pantone ink mixing system which gives you the ability to create over 1,800 different colors.

Foil Stamping

Foil stamping is the process of adhering a metallic reflective material by stamping it onto a hot die of the image being foiled. Images can be as small as 1/8”x1/8” all the way up to a 12”x24” inches. We can offer dies that come in either copper or magnesium. Copper being more expensive are generally used when you’re doing 10,000 pieces or doing a repeat job. Copper dies also show detail a lot better so if your image requires a copper die just let us know.

Bindery Services

We offer services where machines just can’t handle the job at hand such as collating, measuring, cutting, folding, and eyeleting materials. There are some jobs the require massive amounts of attention to detail or quick turnaround times where sending it out of time just isn’t an option. That’s where we come in and help you meet those deadlines with great looking products you can be proud of. Show us what’s impossible and well show you what’s possible.

Mounting/ Duplexing

Mounting is the process of passing a sheet through a roller loaded with a cold water-based glue and adhering it to a larger substrate such as foam core or alligator board. Duplexing is the process in which you take two pieces of the same thickness stock and glue them together using the same mounting method. Duplexing is usually used when you want to make a business card double thick to have that great weight that everyone is after and will remember you by.